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Emma Lynch

The Optimal Performance Coach

Emma works with career-driven individuals to bring clarity, direction, balance and happiness


Emma has spent over 15 years working in people management roles in fast-paced organisations within the hospitality and recruitment sectors, spending the last 13 years working directly in Human Resources. Emma is passionate about wellbeing and the power and importance of setting goals and intentions that are meaningful to individuals in all areas of their lives.

Emma empowers individuals to unlock their potential and look for ways to achieve their goals without making sacrifices in other areas of their life, as this balance is key to benefiting individuals wellbeing in the long term.

Emma works with individuals and organisations to build self-confidence through developing an awareness of their own strengths which is further supported by the use of Positive Psychology Interventions between coaching sessions to further support the individual's journey of self-discovery.

Book Emma for 1:1 Coaching, personalised coaching programmes, building psychological capital in teams and facilitated wellbeing workshops.

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Work-Life Balance

Working Parents


Finding Direction & Clarity


Wellbeing at Work

 Building Psychological Capital in Teams


Coaching of Employees of all Levels

Facilitated Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

Personalised Coaching Programmes


Love of Learning





Coaching Approach

Strengths Coaching

Solution-focused Coach

Wellbeing Coaching

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