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Clara O'Byrne

Chartered Psychologist & Positive Education Expert

Creating a space to be heard and supporting neurodivergent people to be their authentic selves


Clara is a neurodivergent coaching psychologist and EMCC accredited coach, with over 20 years’
experience in the Education and Disability sectors.

Clara combines empathy and compassion with comprehensive knowledge based to support
individuals, parents, and teens to thrive and flourish.

Clara is a certified ADHD parent coach and holds multiple degrees in psychology and education. A
love of learning is one of her top strengths and some of the additional training she has completed
includes; solution focused brief therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, therapeutic crisis
intervention and emotion coaching.

As a chartered psychologist Clara is bound by a professional code of ethics.

Book Clara for concerns related to neurodivergence, neuroaffirmative approaches to wellbeing, positive parenting and mental fitness



Parenting & Additional Needs

Work-Life Balance

Confidence Coaching

Disability Advocacy

Wellbeing in Education

Positive Reframing

Goal Setting


Positive Parenting

Wellbeing & Resilience in Tweens & Teens

Behaviour approaches that promote connection over confrontation

Training for Teams & Groups


Love of Learning




Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence

Coaching Approach

Strengths-based Coaching

Solution-focused Coaching

Cognitive Behavioural Approaches


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